10 September 2012

Dinner Date

On Thursday night my sister took my boyfriend, Brett, and I out to dinner to say thank you for having her live with us for the past 14 months.
It felt like she lived with us for longer than 14 months but strangely felt like the time went by very quickly. I hate how time flies by so quickly the older you get!
We hadn’t lived with each other since I moved out of home 5 years ago and it has been so great to grow closer as sisters whilst living together again. Having said that I am enjoying having my house back even if I am feeling a little bit of empty nest syndrome...

I am wearing a Bardot fluro blouse, Topshop lace blazer, vintage (not sure where it’s from) black pencil skirt, Cotton On black leggings, Novo ankle boots, vintage yellow drop button earrings and DKNY diamond watch.