23 January 2013


On Saturday I went on a vintage shopping trip. I've always been hesitant in buying pre-loved fashion as I can't seem to get the thought of a complete stranger having worn the items before me out of my mind. I decided to brave it and go out exploring the world of thrift shops. The stores I went to didn't have the best range of pre-worn fashion which didn't entice me into a love of vintage. I did however find a cute vintage trilby hat. It was only 6 bucks! I thought it was well worth it. See pic below!

Next week the Fam (bf and our puppy) are going away on a mini holiday for a few nights. We're going to Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast and I know there's a number of vintage and antique shops in the area so hopefully I'll be able to score a few (or plenty) amazing vintage finds!