25 March 2013

Style Icon: Carrie Bradshaw


My most favourite television show is (like most women)... Sex and the City! Of course!

My ultimate style icon has got to be Carrie Bradshaw. Not Sarah Jessica Parker but the character Carrie Bradshaw. I just love how she is so care free with her style and the fashion choices she makes. I feel as though the character Carrie loves the thrill of wearing really quite "out there" clothes and loves styling odd combinations. I do know that the character is styled by Patricia Field for the show but I feel like I know Carrie so well from being a longtime fan of the show.
From the series (they really stepped up their styling game in the movies) some, because there's a lot, of the most memorable outfits for me include the Oscar De La Renta pink gown given to Carrie from Aleksandr, the outfit with the pink Christian Louboutin frill strappy heels worn on a date with Big when he's leaving New York and the simple blue strapless top and grey maxi skirt worn when Carrie helps the older lady from next door down the front steps. I just love how the lady tells Carrie her outfit is crazy! It's one of the simple outfits of the series!
If I had to pick one outfit as my favourite it would have to be the Christian Dior Newspaper dress. Just stunning! I just love the scene where the dress is worn. Carrie meets with Big's wife, Natasha, and then she walks down the New York street in slow motion. The music and the dress make the scene. Ah, why can't this happen in real life? Life would be so dramatic!
I've shared just some pictures from Pinterest of Carrie's amazing style. Movie style is another post - so much fabulous fashion game in both movies!