9 April 2013

Currently Coveting



Yearn to possess or have (something).


crave - desire - hanker - lust

Currently Coveting will become a regular blog post on MsBellaJean. I love fashion and accessories and I need to share my desires to like-minded readers.

I currently have almost 3000 photos on my iPhone mostly of things I am currently obsessing over, but sadly, I am not made of money so most of the beautiful items are left as an obsession rather than a possession.

So here in this regular post I will share what I am currently coveting and obsessively lusting for.

1. Alexander Wang Sandals - For the warmer months. This obsession is a little late as the warmer weather is now months away... =( oh how I miss summer already.

2. Fine Jewellery - These are from Sabo Skirt. I'm loving the simplicity of gold fine jewellery even though I'm more of a silver kinda gal.

3. Camilla and Marc Leather Bomber– A sweet leather jacket is a wardrobe must-have!

4. Camilla and Marc Clarification Dress – So girly and simply stunning.

5. R13 Skinny Leather Chap Jeans – How awesome are these? Ob-sessed!

6. Coloured Jeans – One of my next purchases will be a pair of Gelato Denim jeans in a pastel purple colour (pictured). I also really want a pair of floral jeans/pants but haven’t quite found the right print yet.

7. Alexander Wang Bra Strap Dress – This style is so sexy. Seen here at ShopBop.

8. NICHOLAS Felted Coat – For the colder months... Now here =(  I hate winter! From Green With Envy.

9. Shakuhachi Shimmer Skirt – I need a little sparkle added to my life! Who doesn’t?

I wish money grew on trees!

Until next time...

xx MsBellaJean