3 May 2013


Top: eBay | Skirt: Forever New | Bag: Colette | Shoes: Vintage | Ring: YSL

Ok, so I’ve been a bit slack in the blog post department. I mean not like I’m posting all that regularly anyway but lazier than usual. And I plan to change the regularity of posts as soon as I become a billionaire and can afford to purchase new outfits on a daily basis... =)
My excuse is that I’ve been down and out for over a week with a horrible cold. I spent my Anzac Day and that weekend pretty much in one spot on the couch. I actually dug a little groove into the spot. Anyway I’m much better now except for the constant blowing of my nose (eww, gross!) and the fact that my voice still sounds a little masculine.
Lucky I took these sunny, happy and bright outfit photos before my sickness otherwise it may have been almost an eternity before I would’ve been able to muster the energy to move away from my hole on the couch. I bought the top on eBay for such a bargain. I can’t even remember the price but it was cheap, and no shipping fee! It’s actually pretty good quality and goes perfectly with the pink skirt and the silver heels I found in a box tucked away in my cupboard. Another great find!
These photos were taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon, spent with my sister, watching a wedding photo shoot amongst gorgeous autumn coloured trees.
Ok so I’m posting now... Even my phone is reminding me to post!

Happy Friday xx MsBellaJean