4 December 2013

Roses are Pink

Top: Lookbook Store | Skirt: Temt | Shoes: Kmart | Sunglasses: Celine | Watch: Michael Kors | Hat: Lack of Colour 

I love a bargain and when I saw this beautiful floral crop top for only $25 I just knew I had to have it! Check out the Lookbook Store as they have a lot of great stuff for extremely good prices! The shipping can take a while though (mine took approx. 3 weeks) so keep that in mind.

My sister and I scouted this awesome location in the back alleys of Civic in Canberra. The colours are vibrant and fit perfectly for this outfit shoot on first day of summer here in Australia! Summer is my favourite season. Bright colours, tanned skin, sandy beaches, refreshing drinks, chill music and long hot nights. What's not to love!

Photos by Grace Finch (check out her photography facebook page here)

xx MsBellaJean