6 March 2014

frank body Beauty Product Review

I know I've written about frank in a previous post but it really is an amazing product that deserves multiple blogposts which shout it's praises! 

With me being quite lazy in the skin grooming department lately, I thought it best to exfoliate the remains of summer away and what better way to do it than using frank? I've got 2 out of 2 products by frank body and they're as good as each other. I've never used an exfoliate before that leaves my skin feeling exfoliated, smooth, clean, healthy, and moisturised all at the same time. 

It also has an amazing aroma that lingers hours after you've showered. And if you've used the coconut + grapeseed scrub, frank's latest concoction, it'll soothe your naughty cravings as just the smell of the scrub is enough to soothe any sweet tooth.

And if you don't already follow frank on Instagram you are seriously missing out on some good eye candy, I mean I'm talking bootylicious, smokin' hot and barely clothed babes using frank! What else is there to see on Insta?... 

I love FRANK!

xx MsBellaJean