19 January 2015

While I've been away...

I'm not even going to apologise because, I mean, it's just getting ridiculous at how lazy I've been with the posts. It's been almost 3 months and I'm really annoyed. I have been extremely busy though and this post is dedicated to showing you what I've been up to! Next post will be real soon. Promise.

I finished  a little side project of mine: becoming someone who loves to play with flowers and create beautiful floral magic and get paid for it. Or as some like to call it - a florist.

Celebrating the Rabbitohs Grand Final win with my fam!!! 

Visiting my love in Adelaide and planning flowers for her upcoming wedding!! Here we are making silly faces while drinking some lovely vino. The silly faces could be caused by the vino. Or it couldn't be an influence at all really.

I've never seen a Koala in the wild before so we went on a lovely bush walk near my friend's house on a mission to find some and having almost finished the walk, only a few houses away, we found Blinky up in his tree having a morning nap. 

We also had the most amazing chauffeur (thanks Alex!) who drove us around the McLaren Vale wineries. Hello Rosemount - I remember your sweet tasting moscato with lime and mint! It was mint!

Some ideas we're playing with for the wedding.

Enjoying coffee breaks. And sleeping breaks... Most the time with my dogs.

Enjoying a relaxing and family fun-filled Christmas break.

Cooking and feasting on way too much food. But sooooo yummy!

Cocktails and dinners with besties!

Oh the dessert!

Pool parties with champagne and margaritas

Playing with the horsies! 

Riding around on my new bicycle. Tykie wants one too.

And most of all just enjoying and living life! Like this!

xx MsBellaJean